To meet the needs of portfolio managers requiring economical solutions for due diligence and compliance with financial regulations, PCV Murcor offers our commercial broker opinions of value. Combining the review of a commercial appraiser with the cost-effective pricing of a BPO, a commercial BOV gives you a credible, defensible report required for regulatory compliance.

Commerical BOVs

Why the PCV Murcor Commercial BOV?

In addition to providing industry-leading accuracy and turn times, our network of vendor partners and in-house staff include appraisers and brokers with years of commercial real estate experience. We monitor our team closely, ensuring they continue to meet our high standards. Our broker partners report to us directly, and their focus is solely on producing an accurate report rather than getting the listing. We also provide our clients with customizable forms and other reporting options to meet their internal standards.

Cost Effective Due Diligence

Whether it’s an entire portfolio or a single asset, a commercial BOV from PCV Murcor is a cost-effective solution for asset managers looking to meet the challenges of today’s financial industry. We make in-depth reporting and actionable intelligence available at a fraction of the cost of a commercial appraisal. Contact our team today for more information about our full line of commercial valuation products.