Optimal Quality Control for Reliability and Accuracy

The goal of any appraisal or valuation report is that it can be trusted fully. Therein lies why quality control (QC) is essential in our appraisal management process.

PCV Murcor’s QC process has been developed and refined over several decades. We put each appraisal report through a layered quality control review process that integrates automated-intelligence with a forensic evaluation by one of our seasoned certified appraisers on staff.

Our Quality Control team is comprised of licensed and certified appraisers who have a thorough understanding of current market conditions. We cross-reference information in the appraisal reports against public and published data. This allows us to take action to correct or address any red flags, even ones unique to our clients before we deliver the appraisal or valuation. In doing so, our QC staff saves clients hours of unnecessary external review.

The combination of systematic checks and hands-on administrative reviews has earned PCV Murcor an unparalleled reputation for delivering reports with the highest integrity while helping our clients reduce their collateral risk.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Through PCV Murcor’s Ask an Appraiser service, our QC staff troubleshoots appraisal issues in real-time.