Nationwide Valuation Management to Meet Your Needs

From our in-house experts offering customized strategy with you at every step, to our nationwide panel of independent appraisers working in the communities you invest in – PCV Murcor brings a wealth of experience to your business – immediately.

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Our Promise to You

We value service, we know it goes a long way in establishing trust and confidence. We strive to ensure quality and speed with every valuation.

Collaborative Problem Solving

Work with you to identify and correct order delay issues, collectively finding solutions.

Assessing Potential Risks

Assess potential risks and identify all red flags with a valuation of a property.

Cross-referencing for Compliance

Ensure Federal & State regulations, USPAP, investor, & interagency guidelines are met.

We Welcome the Opportunity to Work with You!

We work with a multitude of clients, including:

  • Asset Managers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Investors
  • Institutional Investors
  • Private and Hard Money
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Mortgage Servicers
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Small Business Professionals
Disaster Inspections

Whether it’s a flood, wind, or fire damage, our nationwide panel of local independent appraisers quickly respond with thorough assessments.

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Asset Management & Disposition

Our sister company, VRM Mortgage Services, has the expertise to ensure its customers receive quality valuation data pre and post-foreclosure.

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