An Easier and Faster Way to Order and Track Appraisals

ValuationsDirect, proprietary software developed by PCV Murcor, is a user-friendly, intuitive web-based appraisal ordering platform with instant access to detailed order status.

ValutionsDirect is backed by nearly 40 years of successful appraisal management experience and innovative, adaptive technology, combines the quality and speed PCV Murcor is known for with an easy-to-use online ordering platform. And it requires no lengthy sign-up agreements.

Along with access to qualified, expert independent appraisers in all major U.S. markets, you also receive online, time-stamped status reports 24/7, as well as live phone support with licensed appraisers.

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  • 24/7 web-based appraisal ordering & tracking
  • Real-time email status updates
  • Easy, online credit card payments
  • Call center support that answers the phone
  • Appraisers that know your neighborhood
  • Certificate of appraiser independence included
  • UCDP-ready XML file included