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rental broker price opinions

Rental Broker Price Opinion (RBPO)

Whether valuing an asset or a prospective portfolio, the right information drives better decisions. The PCV Murcor Rental BPO provides the best combination of listing price and estimated rent with property condition, market data and crucial local broker knowledge.

Why the PCV Murcor Rental BPO?

The PCV Murcor Rental BPO provides real “boots on the ground” intelligence from our extensive network of pre-screened, licensed brokers who know their local markets intimately. We continuously monitor the performance of every broker in our network to help ensure consistently credible reports and reliable data. Our staff of licensed Appraisers brings years of real-world appraisal experience to each assignment, applying their in-depth knowledge of property valuation to each report and unlike an AVM, which simply provides automated, packaged data, our Rental BPO is constructed by real estate professionals. By providing their unique insights to the report, we deliver better intelligence for you to make your decisions.

The PCV Murcor Rental BPO Includes:

  • Subject property information
  • Neighborhood information
  • Comparable properties
  • “As Is” vs. “Repaired” values
  • Repair estimates
  • Prior sales & listing history
  • Rent benchmarks & comparables
  • Rental market intelligence
  • Rental rate trend summary


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