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Residential Valuations

Providing accurate residential valuations requires both incisive knowledge of local markets and strong process-based quality control to eliminate errors.

With over 30 years’ experience, PCV Murcor has the people, processes and technology necessary to fulfill the needs of lenders, servicers, investors and government agencies nationwide. We meet every client request with unsurpassed due diligence and a commitment to customer service that delivers uncompromising quality without sacrificing speed.

For the residential market, PCV Murcor provides the highest quality appraisals, broker price opinions and alternative valuation products including hybrids and reconciliations. As with every valuation service we provide, the focus is on quality. From our rules-based technology to in-house appraiser review, every step in the process is designed to help ensure the highest quality valuation is delivered to our clients every time.


Local, experienced, knowledgeable — our vendor panel includes the industry’s best appraisers, brokers and agents with coverage in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This network of over 30,000 local experts provides the ability to draw from one of the largest pools of talent to select the right practitioner with the local market knowledge every time. Assignments are always based on geographic competency to help ensure those selected are optimally located, extremely experienced, and exceptionally knowledgeable.

PCV’s quality control process employs a combination of automated and manual analysis.  Using proprietary data and appraiser-developed business rules, we streamline the QC process through automation and employ a final, manual QC prior to deliver to the client. BPO’s must pass over 1000 automated business-rule validations before they can be submitted and exceptions are reviewed by licensed, certified appraisers. These business rules can be customized for each client, and are comprised of a combination of USPAP, GSE, Client, and PCV requirements.

Our commitment to operational excellence allows us to deliver the highest quality valuations with the industry’s fastest turn times. For our clients, this means less revenue loss due to delays and inefficiencies. Our overall correction rates for residential valuations are among the lowest in the industry and we consistently exceed benchmarks for speed and accuracy set by our most demanding clients.


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