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solutions for lenders and servicers

Solutions for Lenders & Servicers

In this continually changing mortgage lending and servicing environment, PCV Murcor offers what it always has — an unwavering commitment to quality. For lenders, this means improved compliance, better lending decisions and greatly reduced buy-back risk. For servicers, our commitment to quality delivers improved decision-making for loss mitigation decisions and portfolio due diligence.

Reduce your risk.

With over 1,000 automated business rules,  comprehensive review of every appraisal and exception-based review of our BPOs, PCV Murcor delivers the valuations you need to manage your business, lending, servicing or both, with greater confidence and reduced risk.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed.

PCV Murcor’s advantage resides in its quality control (QC) process which combines advanced technology with in-house staff of licensed and certified appraisers. The automated, appraiser-developed business rules and exception-based review by certified appraisers helps ensure BPO reports are credible before they are ever delivered to clients. And every appraisal is reviewed prior to being shipped to the client. And while this process is more comprehensive than most valuation providers, it doesn’t slow turn times. In fact, we attribute our continual position the top of clients’ scorecards to our combination of speed and quality.

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PCV Murcor’s Valuation options for lenders & servicers include:



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