Accurate and Consistent Valuations You Can Trust

When being faced with differing valuations for one property, PCV Murcor’s value reconciliation process can help you achieve more accurate and consistent valuations. Different appraisers and brokers — and different valuation approaches — can often lead to disparities in the assessed value of a property. Having contradicting data can confuse your reporting and make it difficult for you to make critical decisions on assets.

Based on several factors, a PCV Murcor value reconciliation can provide a more objective assessment of a property, including market conditions, property conditions and repairs, sales and listing data.

Value Reconciliations Types

  • Long-form Limited Reconciled Valuation (LVR)

    A comprehensive look at a property with two or more existing value opinions, presented in a grid and narrative formats.

  • Short-form Narrative Reconciled Valuation (SVR)

    A narrative report reconciling two or more value opinions on a property.