Valuations Made to Simplify and Accelerate the Process

Hybrid valuations often employ a variety of different resources, including in-house licensed appraiser review and extra independent broker price opinions (BPOs). We deliver hybrid valuation reports with a thoroughly researched analysis that take into account trends and pricing models of neighborhoods, at a local and national level.

Over 1,000 appraiser-developed business rules are employed by our proprietary technology, using only the industry’s very best data. This produces additional complete perspectives on the value of a property that is tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Enabling you to obtain a more detailed look at the data you need to make more informed purchasing and due diligence decisions.

Our commitment to quality and speed has won the trust and recognition of major national banks, government-sponsored enterprises, and non-profits. We strive to exceed client benchmarks for turn-time and accuracy while processing some of the industry’s highest volumes of valuations

Hybrid Valuation Options

  • Appraiser Enhanced BPOs

    A BPO completed by a licensed broker and a reconciled value opinion report from a licensed appraiser (two values).

  • Enhanced Appraiser Desktop Valuations

    Appraiser completed Desktop Valuation enhanced by Broker collected market data (one value).

  • Property Condition Reports with AVM Data

    Broker submitted Condition Report combined with an Automated Value Model report (AVM) (one value).

  • Property Condition Report with Desktop Valuation

    Property Condition Report combined with an Appraiser completed Desktop Valuation (one value).