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Appraising the Appraiser, Engaging an Experienced Adviser for Estate and Litigation

Eight Questions You Must Ask When Calling On a Real Estate Appraiser for Your Clients. Real estate assets are typically the most valuable portion of a client’s portfolio. A credibly supported opinion of value, from an experienced and independent appraiser, is one of the best tools you can use...

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What Happens When You Put Chief Appraisers and Risk Managers in a Room at the Fed?

PCV Murcor Attends Annual Meeting with Risk Management Association and Society of Chief Appraisers at the Federal Reserve Bank in Los Angeles PCV Murcor’s Chief Appraiser, John Hosey, and Director of Commercial Valuations, Frank Obregon attended the 16th annual joint meeting of the Risk Management Association and the Society...

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HouseCanary and PCV Murcor Announce Agreement to Fast-Track the Future of Appraisals with Agile Appraisal™ Management Platform

HouseCanary, the leading provider of modern valuation and appraisal solutions, announced a partnership with leading appraisal management company PCV Murcor. The partnership will further the expansion of HouseCanary’s Agile AppraisalTM Management Platform, a fast, flexible valuation platform with full USPAP and FIRREA compliance. PCV Murcor will leverage their appraisers and...

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Fannie Mae Gets Proactive with Appraisal Industry

Fannie Mae is engaging appraisers with their new Appraiser Update Newsletter which “is intended to promote more proactive communication with the appraisal industry and ensure alignment between appraisers, appraisal management companies, lenders and Fannie Mae.” In this first edition you will find information regarding hot topics such as Day...

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Is Your Bank Feeling the Effect of Commercial Valuation Pressure?

The Federal Reserve, in their most recent Monetary Policy Report to Congress, echoed a growing concern over trends in the commercial real estate market. “Commercial real estate (CRE) valuations, which have been an area of growing concern over the past year, rose further, with property prices continuing to climb...

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Need an Expert Witness In Real Estate Valuation?

Have you seen our latest ads in the Los Angeles County Bar Association‘s 2017 Southern California Directory of Experts and Consultants? In addition to offering awesome residential and commercial valuations, PCV Murcor provides expert witness in real estate valuation services. Call us at 855-819-2828 to schedule an appointment.  ...

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