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Appraising the Appraiser, Engaging an Experienced Adviser for Estate and Litigation

Eight Questions You Must Ask When Calling On a Real Estate Appraiser for Your Clients.
Estate Valuation And Litigation

Real estate assets are typically the most valuable portion of a client’s portfolio. A credibly supported opinion of value, from an experienced and independent appraiser, is one of the best tools you can use to help your client protect, manage or dispose of real estate assets.

The art and science of real estate valuation, especially when it comes to litigation, requires specific training, expertise and most importantly – years of field and courtroom experience. As a neutral third-party, a credible real estate appraiser offers valuable advice, legal research, and trial preparation to help you refine your arguments and strategy.

Outside of litigation or arbitration, an experienced appraiser provides expert advice that helps your clients confidently meet their short and long-term asset management goals.

Success Starts with Selecting the Right Appraiser

Provided are questions you should be asking an appraiser before you engage.

  • Can The Appraiser Demonstrate Valuation Competence?
  • Can The Appraiser Provide Credible Testimony?
  • Does The Appraiser Have Litigation Experience?
  • How Well Does the Appraiser Perform Under Cross-examination?
  • Does The Appraiser Fully Understand the Scope of Work?
  • Does The Appraiser Demonstrate Strong Communication Skills?
  • Does The Appraiser Provide Superior Customer Service?
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