PCV Murcor is pleased to announce that Hernan Lara has been named the 2019 Employee of the Year.

Hernan is our longest-tenured Production Assistant and was part of our very first class of Quality Control production associates. His performance throughout the years has not only been consistent, but also head and shoulders above what was called upon. We appreciate his flexibility and willing to help when needed.

He truly exemplifies what an outstanding employee is. Here are a few examples of Hernan’s qualities:

  • Acts professional in his conduct and his interaction with his peers, leads, and managers
  • Approaches challenges calmly with a level head
  • Represents PCV well as the most senior QC PA and assists in the training of all new hires
  • Completes tasks in Pre-Delivery QC and QC Escalations with great effectiveness
  • Serves as a reliable resource for all QC PA process and subject matter related questions
  • Approaches every day with a focused and consistent work ethic
  • Achieves unmatched production numbers all while maintaining the highest level of quality

Thank you, Hernan, for your continued support and commitment to the team!

Hernan Lara - 2019 Employee of the Year