Here to save the day are PCV Murcor’s Running Club from HR, IT, Accounting, Client Services, Legal, and other departments. On January 20, 2019 they all met up to run together for the 5k Super Run that was held in Long Beach, CA.

The PCV Murcor Running Club Members that participated in the 2019 Long Beach Super Run are: Standing at the left is Wade Tang from the Legal Department. Elizabeth Soriano and Lionel Berry from Client Services. At the top from IT is Joanna Pavon, with Pauline Navarro in Administration. Barbara McCraw and Helen Marlatt from Accounting. And from the Human Resources department, Veronica Valencia and Gina Alvarez.

The Super Run is a series of national 5k running events where local non-profit organizations partner together to organize superhero themed events to assist in raising needed funds and to spread awareness for their causes. Way to go Team!