Dawn Haghighi, General Counsel, PCV Murcor, accepting Association of Corporate Counsel’s Advocacy Award with Laura Dorman, managing director and associate general counsel at Berkeley Research Group, LLC, creators of the ACC Regulatory Working Group.

The team at PCV Murcor would like to congratulate, Dawn Haghighi, General Counsel, for her thought leadership and dedication to advancing relationships with regulators and in-house counsel.

“Dawn exemplifies the ‘extra mile effort’ we strive to achieve every day for our clients. This ACC Advocacy Award only offers others what we already know about how committed she is to creating a positive impact in the regulatory community,” shared Keith Murray, Founder and CEO of PCV Murcor.

Building upon members’ strong interest in developing relationships with regulators, Dawn Haghighi and Laura Dorman created the ACC Regulatory Working Group, which provides regulators and public officials with an opportunity to update in-house counsel on various regulatory developments in real-time throughout the year. Haghighi and Dorman’s efforts have maximized corporate counsel’s ability to understand and adjust to new regulations, as well as to educate policymakers about the impact of these rules on their businesses.

“To carry out our responsibilities as CLOs who support growth, manage risk, and drive success, understanding the enforcement priorities of regulators and law enforcement is a key tool to successfully addressing the most pressing issues facing our corporations,” said Haghighi. “Laura and I are proud to have created the ACC Regulatory Working Group as a vital resource for members in this current regulatory landscape.”

Dorman and Haghighi organized “Meet Your Regulator” meetings across the United States, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Boston, and Phoenix. These in-person meetings allowed in-house lawyers, members of Congress, and senior officials from the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and US Securities and Exchange Commission, among others, to advance the unique perspectives of in-house counsel and have open dialogue about public policy issues.