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Unrivaled Accuracy, Uncompromising Quality

For over 30 years, PCV Murcor has provided real estate valuations for the country’s largest lenders, servicers, brokers and insurers. Founded by Keith Murray, MAI — who continues to serve as President and CEO — PCV Murcor is focused on delivering values and price opinions for a broad spectrum of commercial and residential properties. We offer a full slate of real estate valuation products and consulting services, and pride ourselves on both the accuracy and the high quality of the valuations and customer service we provide all our clients.

PCV Murcor offers valuation solutions for:


From refinancing to purchase, PCV provides appraisals that help ensure compliance, reduce buy-back risk and maximize the return on every loan you underwrite. 


For Lenders, Servicers, Investors and GSEs, PCV provides default appraisals, broker price opinions (BPOs) and value reconciliations that improve their decision-making and reduce loss severity.


From appraisals to BOVs, we provide the industry’s best commercial valuations. Let us help you minimize risk, reduce loss severity and maximize returns on all your commercial transactions.

Lenders & Servicers

PCV is one of the mortgage industry’s most trusted providers of appraisals, BPOs and alternative valuations. Find out how PCV’s valuation solutions can help you better manage risk and become more compliant.


Whether you are investing in small pools of properties or large portfolios of assets, PCV can help improve your purchase and disposition decisions. Reduce your risk exposure with valuations that never compromise quality.

GSEs & Government

For GSEs and government financial institutions, PCV is one of a handful of valuation providers trusted with the industry’s most complex valuation assignments.